*Laser technology*
Laser based guns make use of a strong energy ray to destroy a target. A chemical laser capable of sustaining a strong enough ray for a sufficient period of time has been the sole technology used in laser weaponry so far. But now our scientists have come up with an entirely new solution eliminating the main disadvantage the chemical lasers had, a bulky size. This prevented ground soldiers from being able to use laser weapons easily in combat. CAF scientists managed to create a unique red-colored crystal laser, light enough to be powered up by a small portable battery pack. The weapon’s body is composed of several pulse generators linked up together in order to charge the ray gradually. This special process earned this laser the nickname “HELL” as an abbreviation for High Energy Linked Laser. The efficiency is nearly 5 times higher in comparison to the bulkier previous generation.


*Desert deploymen*

*Loading sreen*

*Loading sreen*



*The Nightwolf*


* Loading screen*
Loading screen

*Ufopedia: CAF Heavy Laser*
CAF Heavy Laser


*Front line*
Front line


*Alien HQ 2*
Alien HQ 2

*Alien command center guarded by the Vipons.*
The Vipons are excellent, sturdy and insidious wariors. In cooperation with mental powers of Phantoms, both races are invincible combo Further information in UFO:ET Ufopedia.
Alien HQ

*Vipons returning from the hunt*
Sneakers returning from the hunt


*Trapped Vipons*
Trapped Sneakers

*Small UFO*
Small UFO

*Alien hunger for human technologies causes alien invasions into scientific laboratories*
Scientific laboratories

*Aliens invaded the scientific laboratory*
Aliens invaded the scientific laboratory

*The Research*
The Research

*Reinforced heavy CAF's "Desert Tortoise" armour*

*The transport carrier*
The transport carrier

*The globe*
The globe

*The base building*
The base building

*The technology theft*
When the aliens broke into The National scientific laboratory,
their real hunger for advanced human technologies was finally revealed
and indisputably proven on the planet Esperanza.
The technology theft

*Transport plane landing*
Transport plane landing was successful but shortly afterwards they came..
Transport plane landing

*Desert base under attack*
These creatures are pretty fast.Their cybernetic legs provides them with great speed.
They hide behind walls and do not risk open fight.Mostly they move from shelter to shelter.
It is difficult to aim them for this reason. But after they found out that we´ve been keeping 3 of their
kind here in Fulcrum fortrees a furrious attack began.
Desert base under attack

*Intruder in engine room of Centaurus*
The intruder is Hallucinoid.Our scientists proved that Hallucinoids have some psionic abilities.
It seems that they can transmit impulsions that influences human nerves.
Hallucinoids can invoke pain in human body by influencing nerves.
Scientists suppose that Hallucinoids can paralyse muscules of their enemies so that they can't move.
The striked victim is fully aware suffering infernal pain unable to make a single movemt,waiting for it's death.
Intruder in engine room of Centaurus

*Centaurus - an intergalactic spaceship*
The intergalactic ship gives CAF forces brand new posibilities.The ship is a result of combined
alien and human technologies. Centaurus enables CAF to reach distant worlds,contact new civilizations
and poses a real threat to aliens.But CAF failed to keep Centaurus in the secret. Centaurus was reveald
and promptly raided by alien forces. In spite of the fact that many CAF soldiers were killed during
Centaurus defence,the ship was saved.
Centaurus - an intergalactic spaceship

*Intruders in CAF base*
CAF base is a frequent traget of alien vessels.
Usually Anti arcraft defence protects CAF bases but sometemies fails.
In that case most of anti aircraft defences are destroyed and CAF base is invaded.
Intruders in CAF base

*Desert factory*
Strange machines gather Avonium minerals not only deep in mines but also in vast and empty sandy areas.
Facilities that separate minerals from sand are usual targets of UFO's activity.
Human CAF forces set a trap in a factory located 20 miles south of Fulcrum fortrees. The aim was simple.
To lure aliens there. But too many aliens arrived. Much more than anybody had expected.
Now it seems that CAF forces were betrayed. There must be a traitor among them.
Desert factory

*Desert base*
Desert is a valuable area rich in Avonium minerals here in planet Esperanza.
Desert bases provides particular protection not only against numerous sandstorms but also againts intruders.
Desert base

*Research Section*
If you happened to be abducted by aliens you would probably know the secrets of this room
better than anyone else.
Research Section. Click on picture for hi-res

*Alien reproduction lair*
This poor creature produces about 30 eggs per day.
After a short incubation process the brood is transfered so that cybernetic components could be implanted.
Alien reproduction lair.Click in the picture for hi-res

*CAF base*
This is is the end. Two last CAF soldiers are surrounded by enemies.
The intercom is immersed in silence.
Screwed soldiers.Click in the picture for hi-res

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