Diary CAF


I did not sense my life would change so much when the recon ships Luise and Clark brought terrible news about the alien invasion on our beloved mother Earth, acquired out of the data system of a UFO, crashed several months ago The invasion couldn't be prevented. Terrestrials have already lost their battle two years ago. We would never get there in time...
Our planet, Esperanza, is in danger, as an alien battle cruiser didn't appear by chance. And so the government of Esperanza founded the CAF. The government has a research base constructed with a task to find out the range of the jeopardy and to provide defence. Scientists followed by engineers flooded the base. Nothing seemed to be happening and the alien spacecraft seemed to have only lost its way. The government and general public interest dropped. However, it turned out that the aliens visit our place as well. Contrary to common radars, the improved scanners sometimes intercepted UFOs. Out-of-the-way dwellings and mines were raided. At that time the leaders realized that they would need troops. They cast a net and found a few volunteers. And it was I who was in charge of commanding them and conducting the training, thanks to my long battle career and great shooting strokes of success in various competitions.

One - First time in the CAF base

By the time I reached CAF's base, there was a furious sandstorm raging outside. The scientists showed me around the CAF base. Well,the life here definetly won't be luxurious, but the equipment is smashing - last generation training facilities and an excellent hospital. Something tells me, that we'll need it's service. Soon, the other soldiers arrived. Sullivan - a calm big blob looking like a giant. Mike -an arrogant city dude. And Joan a blue eyed beauty with a sad sight. She interests me the most, but her father died recently in the mines, during one of those accidents, and probably that's why she's so silent.

Two - Practicing

Today we have started to practise shooting from electromagnetic rifles and AKEW pistols. Hardly anyone has such equipment. These are brand new weapons and they shoot perfectly. Assassin Pistols and Terminator Rifles are top notch weapons indeed. But they recoil, and that's why Joan has trouble shooting with them but I belive that she'll become acustomed to using them. The best shooter seems to be Sullivan. I had a quarrel with Mike. My fist was pretty fast. It has to be clear who leads this squad...

Three - Nothing

At least food tastes good here at the CAF. In the morning alert caught during the time we were having breakfast. Interceptors found something, but they were damn slow. What the hell, will we be sitting here all day long, waiting, and waiting, and waiting?
In the afternoon I heard that scientists were straining every nerve and muscle to improve our interceptors, but who knows when they'll finish. Aside from that, they have chosen a prototype tank that is be produced. It is said to be Combat Tank CT-8.


Today 5 new volunteers have arrived. They are all total greenhorns. In the morning they complained about the training methods and that's why I set Joan as an example for them. Joan is in amazing condition and has great stamina. She went dining with me. I was surprised indeed. Acually I hadn't belived that she would accept my invitation. She was dressed in beautiful clothes but she still had sad eyes. We didn't grow together much.

Five - Greenhorns in action

Alert caught us during an afternoon training session, that took place deep in the desert, 50 miles NW of the CAF base. The trooper ship picked us promptly. I anticipated that we would be late. We were dropped in a valley. I'm afraid for the greenhorns.They're looking forward to fighting, but they don't actually know what a real fight means.
It was too late when we arrived. Five human bodies have been found. Some of them were missing a few organs. There was a hole burnt through the body of one man. The hole must have been burnt by a plasma beam. By a very strong one. Nasty view... Two greenhorns vomited. After all evidence had been picked, we flew off.


We have been wakened by a night alert! In 6 minutes we boarded the trooper ship. We flew for about 10 minutes. Unfotrtunately, we were noticed during landing. Our way out of our trooper ship was accompanied by heavy fire. One greenhorn was hit by plazma, another two got within range of a grenade explosion because they didn't pay attention. I managed to kill 2 greyheads. Finally, we got in the UFO. When we aproached the comand center, zounds of greyheads flooded the vessel corridor. I didn't know where they came from. It must have been a trap. We had to retreat and we were lucky to get back into our trooper ship, but Sullivan's hip was burnt. He suffered lot of pain from his wounds.


Sullivan fights for his life. I hope our superior medical equipment and skilled doctors will help him. We have analysed the mission – what we need is a number of powerful grenades for room cleaning. Fighting in narrow corridors inside the UFOs seems to be very difficult. We have suffered heavy losses during landing. We have to improve so many tactical aspects! So I ordered a longer training programme after a discusion with our soldiers. It’s a matter of our survival!


Sullivan was given artificial organs. If his body accepts them, he should survive. The headquarters sent five new men and one woman, so there are 12 CAF soldiers in the base, including the wounded Sullivan. I took all of us to the training facility to find out how good they are. The best shooter is called Jack, he would be superb for long range support. Ronald is a big bloke who likes a big guns. The black lady, Rebecca will fight well at close ranges. Mike is the member of our old squad that surprisingly has the best results. Well, best after me. Mike has been trying to get in with Rebecca, but she is dating Ronald already. Mike has found that out in a painful way.


Sullivan is still alive. Three of our fighters managed to catch up with an alien craft, so we were looking forward to some finishing off action. We were badly disappointed very soon. The aliens shot down two of our fighters and escaped easily. We have managed to hit their ship but not damage it! I hope the fighter section will figure out what we should fire at them!


A small UFO landed close to a farm. We started immediately! The eyes of all soldiers (including me) were sparkling with excitement. This time we will crush them! We landed a few kilometers away from the farm, so they did not notice us. As we were running I described our attack plan. We split into three forces. One of them was under my command. The second was commanded by Mike. We were to fight at a farm, at close ranges, next to each other. Jack's covering force was armed with accurate AKEW Assassin rifles. We stopped at a safe distance. The farm consisted of a big living house and several smaller buildings around the farmyard. We did not see any danger yet, so we moved on carefully. We were pretty close when I saw an alien. I managed to hit his head with devastating results. I hid behind a small bush just before the plasma from another grayhead turned it to ashes. Jack killed this one soon. We put our lives into Jack's force's hands and sprinted to the farm before the enemy managed to get into a superior positions by the windows. I sent Mike and his squad to one corner and we moved to the farmyard. The worst place to be! The grayheads figured out what would be going on and have been prepared. A heavy firefight ensued. The gunfight ended as quickly as it started. Joan and I killed three more grayheads together, Mike managed to get some more and the others also did quite well. But we lost Ronald. Two of my squadies were lighty wounded. We searched through the whole farm. All aliens have been killed. Some of the residents survived, but for the others we have arrived too late. We don't know why they killed them. All suspicious objects were collected. We even managed to transport an undamaged alien craft to our base! Today has been a day of great victory!


We celebrated wildy. All of us talked about the farm fight on and on. The aliens were pretty slow and inaccurate, so I think they were not experienced soldiers but some kind of scouts. The doctors said the wounded would get well soon. Our scanners picked up alien activity around our base. We had to switch everything off to hide our base.


Aliens are like wasps! They have been searching around the whole day. We are sitting quietly and hope they will not find our base. If they find the base, it is our end. We still don't know how to pierce and shoot down their ships. Our scientist are doing their best to find weak spots of the captured UFO.


Sullivan felt better. He should survive. Scientist were impressed with the alien craft but as I knew, they wouldn't figure out anything. Alien activity dropped but we have been still keeping all active equipment silent. We, the CAF soldiers train as usual. We must not overestimate beating a few scouts… They still have a big technological edge!


We didn't fight today, but this day was important. Our scientist managed to damage the alien ship! They tested an old, heavy, anti-air missile with a controlled fusion warhead. These nasty, powerfull rockets were hidden in the government's secret stores and were supposed to be used in case of a large scale conflict to destroy entire enemy formations. All they have to do now is to adapt the guidance system to the current standards and we will shoot them down!


We realized we had to fortify our base first. The aliens were searching for us very thoroughly after they have lost lost their ship. So the first twenty fusion rockets were stationed around as a SAM system for base defense. Our technicians did an excelent job - they managed to prepare all of them by evening. Tomorrow we will receive missiles for our fighters. We are looking forward to some action.